Server and End-User Support

End User Transactions or Internet Service Protocols Supported

  • HTTP / HTTPS : Includes support for Web Application
  • POP
  • SMTP
  • Mail Server Round Trip Time
  • FTP
  • Telnet/SSH
  • Web Server Response Time
  • TCP Port Checks
  • ICMP – Ping
  • Application Server & Web Server Response Times
  • Database Query and Connection Times
  • SOAP Web Services checks
  • Custom Scripting that helps integrate custom application checks

End User Monitoring from Branch Offices

Jungle Technologies offers capabilities for measuring the end-user experience of business-critical network services such as DNS, LDAP, Ping and Mail server from enterprise branch offices or even actual customer locations. These capabilities enable the IT administrators to know how their business-critical network services are performing for their end users. If there are any performance issues, they can quickly take steps to address those issues.

Benefits of End User Monitoring

Better employee productivity

Poor response times for business critical applications could impact employee morale and make them reluctant to use applications deployed to make them more productive. Hence in order to get maximum mileage out of your investments in expensive ERP solutions, we should make sure response times are good.

Meet promised SLAs with End User Experience Management

By monitoring end user applications, the IT Team can better ensure critical applications perform as expected. This also helps them meet Service Level Agreements.

Be proactive

Jungle Technologies also helps the IT Team visualize performance degradation before end users complain. With dashboards that give visibility, IT Teams can make quick changes in the infrastructure to meet user demand.

Application and Server Monitoring Solutions

  • End User Monitoring
  • Business Service Management
  • Server Monitoring
  • Web Services Monitoring
  • Application Performance Management
  • SLA Management