Monthly SLA Support Contracts

Jungle Technologies offer Service Level Agreements ( SLA’s) where we are responsible for maintaining all equipment and software programs.

The after sales service on the systems which we supply includes:

  • Programming
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs and
  • Upgrading

Our SLA contract also includes 24/7 telephonic support. You as client can thus have the peace of mind that we will be on site to assist you should any problems arise.

It should be noted that the Service Level Agreement entails that the training being done by Jungle Technologies are only available to those (companies) that make use of our services. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) can best be described as documented agreements between Jungle Technologies and our customers. Basically, Service Level Agreements aims to create a mutual understanding between Jungle and its customers. It helps to clarify what each party can expect from the other; the role of each party concerning the particular agreement that was concluded. Responsibilities, services, and priorities are thus all embraced within Service Level Agreements.
Service Level Agreements can be seen as a very effective tool through which communication takes place between Jungle Technologies and our customers. This means of communication is known to be the most efficient when it comes to doing business. Disputes and conflicts can easily be settled by simply having a quick glance through the Service Level Agreements
Service level agreements should only serve as a reference for both Jungle and the customer should there arise some kind of serious problem. It is not necessary to refer to the Service Level Agreements when dealing with small things that occur on a daily basis and can be solved without much drama. Both Jungle and its customers should subsequently regard Service Level Agreements as a base to be built upon and extended to keep both parties happy for as long as a business relationship is ongoing.
Something that not all people are aware of concerning Service Level Agreements is the fact that it can be adjusted and updated at any time; it is thus not a fixed document that can never be changed ever again. Both Jungle and you as our customer are able to review the Service Level Agreements from time to time. Changes can be made if both parties agree on it. These can include any of a number of things.