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Why you need a gaming PC

Gaming PC or console? It’s a debate which rages across the internet with proponents of each device vehement in their support and scathing about gamers who don’t agree with their view.  Actual numbers are hard to come by though with most studies showing PC gamers outnumbering console users.

You only have to look at high-end professional tournaments if you want to see which is better, as most are played on PCs. So, if you want to be a serious gamer then it has to be said a gaming PC is the way to go.


Advantages of PCs over consoles

If you are undecided about whether to invest in a new PC or still not convinced you should consign the console to the cupboard, here are some of the reasons why you should be buying a gaming PC:

So much power

Yes, the processors in a console are powerful but they can’t get anywhere near the performance of the fastest CPUs in gaming PCs.

The latest Intel and AMD Ryzen processors deliver incredible performance allowing the PC gamer to experience every game at the speed the developers intended.

Add the amazing graphics cards now available and games are far more alive and vibrant on a PC than a console.

All round experience

With a gaming PC, it is easy to set up multiple screens to provide a massive field of view which will really drag you into the game.  With a PC you really can be immersed in the game.

But it doesn’t stop there.  The different keyboards and mice available not only add an extra dimension with their LED lighting, but they are also fast and accurate giving the PC gamer a far more satisfying gaming experience.

No need to buy new kit

The release of a new console is big news.  It (usually) means a better device and quickly becomes a must-have item.

While appreciating the excitement of a new release it means more expense and the perfectly good model you are currently using will be consigned to a dark cupboard.  Probably along with many of your games which aren’t compatible with the new version.

You don’t have this problem with a gaming PC.  You never need to buy a new one if you don’t want to; though of course you will continue to upgrade (think Trigger’s broom) and games will always be compatible.  Speaking of which……

More choice

There is a massive catalogue of games for the PC.  Every game ever made (almost) can be played on your new gaming PC so whether you want to tackle the latest blockbuster or feel the need to go retro with an old classic you can.

You just can’t do this on a console.


OK, before we go any further let’s address the elephant in the room.  Yes, as a one off purchase a gaming PC is more costly than a console.

However, prices are steadily falling and a comparable PC in terms of performance isn’t much more expensive than a console.  Throw in all the advantages of a PC and the ease in which the device can be upgraded it is easy to see why a gaming PC represents far better value for money than a console.

The essential components of a gaming PC


We’ve already discussed the processors found in a gaming PC but it’s worth repeating.

The processors now available from Intel and AMD really have gone up another level.  The Intel i7 and AMD AM4 Ryzen 7 processors are blisteringly fast and you won’t believe the incredible difference they make.

But, even entry-level gaming PCs with a lower specification processor can outperform a console so you don’t absolutely need the latest kit to have a powerful and fast gaming PC.

Memory (RAM)

The more RAM the better and for a gaming PC, it is usually recommended you have at least 8GB installed.  However, we would recommend 16GB as a minimum which would future proof your PC whilst boosting an already amazing performance.

Hard drive / SSD

You will need a good-sized hard drive to store your games library on.  1TB will be fine for many gamers but if you can swing for a 2TB drive so much the better.  You should also consider an SSD and run an SSD / HDD combination; unless you have very deep pockets and can spring for a 2TB SSD.

If you can incorporate an SSD into your gaming rig you will definitely see the benefits, as we explain here.

Graphics card

In game graphics are now at an incredible standard.  On a console, they look amazing, but on a PC they are elevated to yet another level.  There really is no comparison.

If you are looking for the latest and best kit check out AMD’s new range of Radeon RX cards and NVIDIA’s 10 Series.  Minds will be well and truly blown.

Completing your rig

When you have your gaming rig, and by the way, if you want to create your dream rig from scratch head on over to our Gaming PC Builder, you will need a few extras:


A mechanical keyboard is favoured by most, but not all gamers, and there are hundreds to choose from.  You may already have your favourite but if you need a bit of help in deciding which would be best for you, we’ve put together a Guide to Mechanical Keyboards to make the decision a little easier.


As important as the keyboard is a good gaming mouse can make all the difference.  Check out our guide here or head on over to the virtual shelves on Ebuyer to choose from all the latest models with the fastest response rates, adjustable DPI and pinpoint accuracy.


A top-quality FHD monitor, or 4K if you prefer, is the perfect screen on which to see the dazzling graphics outputted from your gaming PC.  Whether you prefer a single screen or multiple monitors the prices of the best models are now very affordable.

Not sure what you need?  No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Guide to Gaming Monitors.

Gaming PCs at Jungle Technologies

Whether you want a ready to run gaming PC or need the components to build your own you will find everything you need at Jungle Technologies.  Don’t forget to check out our Gaming Store for all the latest kit.