Teach, Educate, Instruct, Initiate

Learners find it easier to ask ‘Google’ than ask the teacher. We need to ask the question can we change that. The answer is ‘Yes we can!’ with the help of technology we can.

Instruct them what to do. How to surf the net, how to do work, how to use social media.
Using a Wi-Fi platform learners and educators can discuss lessons with each other within a safe environment.

We are encouraging you to initiate this and take the first step and mould the future of education. We need to bring education to life. Children need to feel, live and experience education. Adaptive and virtual learning; the future is here and now.
We have the power to change that.
Embrace change.

Jungle Technologies has found a need to serve the communities need for an efficient admin and education IT support. In today’s school and campus environment, efficient communication is more crucial than ever. Jungle Technologies eFundis branch aims to solve the educational, communication and Technical needs.

In all educational institutes staff need to be assisted in becoming more efficient and techno smart.

Education today is facing major changes as primary, secondary, and tertiary educators address global opportunities, challenges, and needs.

Every educational institution should aim to develop students as global citizens. The future of education is digital textbooks, social blogs and media.

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.”
-Chinese Proverb


Teach, Educate, Instruct, Initiate

Training a teacher in the usage of technology in the classroom, allowing technology to be an assistant.
A simple server with educational material to address the constant problem of Maths and Science.
Helping education to become more available to Learners and Parents.
On-line worksheets and marking systems.