Accounting Software

The Headache

A reliable accounting system is the most important part of any successful business, however, many businesses still utilise manual processes instead of the more convenient automated solutions. Manual processing result in continuous human error, unnecessary costs, duplication of stock and limited transaction visibility.
The results of manual processing is large quantities of paper.
Files of invoices
Storage space
Easy access a major problem
Battling to keep up to date with your company’s sales, inventory, ledgers, invoices, journals


As official VAR (value-added reseller) of SAGE we suggest an implementation of an accounting package that will take your business on a journey of infinite opportunity. An accounting package designed to make data capturing a breeze. At Jungle Technologies we provide customization of SAGE Pastel Accounting, sales, support and training for this brilliant software.

Retail edition
Business management for retail companies needing point-of-sale touchscreen functionality. Ideal for: 1-10 Users

Limited edition
Business management for small wholesale, retail, and service companies. Ideal for: 1 User
Small business edition
Business management for companies that need the option to work in multiple currencies and track custom information. Ideal for: 1-3 Users

Standard edition
Complete business management for growing wholesale, retail, service, and manufacturing companies. Ideal for: 5-10 Users

Client Server edition
Utilizing the Pervasive Client Server engine, the Client Server edition is the most complete and powerful business management solution for larger wholesale, retail, service and manufacturing companies. Ideal for: 10-100 Users

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